María de Lourdes past away 10 years ago...

On November 6, 2007, it was exactly 10 years ago that family, friends, fans and admirors of María de Lourdes were startled by the news that the Mexican singer had died on Schiphol unexpectedly as she was preparing to return to her homeland after a succesfull concerttour through the Netherlands.
The consternation as well in Mexico as in the Netherlands was great. How painful became the lyrics of the song “México lindo y querido”, which she sang so many times herself: “Beautiful, dear Mexico, when I die away far from you, let them say that I fell asleep and bring me back to you…..””
Only a few days later the funeral ceremony took place in Mexico-City. At the basilca of the dark Madonna of Guadalupe a wake was held at her coffin and a mass was served on her behalf. After that the funeral procession left for the Plaza Garibaldi, the square of the Mariachi-musicians, where family, inhabitants, artists and hundreds of Mariachis brought their last honours to their ambassador of the Mexican song. Together they sang “Cruz de Olvido” as a last farewell, there was sincere sorrow and there were tears with the many who had loved this warm and heartfull woman. After that she was burried in the familygrave at the Panteón Jardin.

Two weeks later in Mexico, on Plaza Garibaldi, the statue of María de Lourdes was unveiled. She had awaited this moment eagerly, but had to miss the occasion…....

The Foundation María de Lourdes, the voice of Mexico, wanted to stand still a special moment 10 years after the passing away of the Ambassador of the Mexican song. In Mexico a special homage will be held for her and the Mexican television will memorize her with a special broadcast.
During the past 10 years fanclubs, our foundation, Carolina de Holanda and a few people in Mexico devoted themselves to keep the memory of María de Lourdes alive in prolonging her work for the Mexican music, but still we will miss her...…

Viva María de Lourdes, we will never forget you!


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