About us
In the Netherlands there is still one fanclub active. No doubt beyond these there also are many fans and other persons interested in Mexican music whom we also want to reach. For this reason we have established the foundation:
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from left to right :

Honorary member : mrs. Jeannette van Dijk
Chairman : mr. Hans Eversteijn
Treasurer : mrs. Ine Derks
Secretary : mrs.Toos Zeguers

In 1991 Queen Beatrix invited Maria de Lourdes to come to the Netherlands to perform with her music during the celebration of Prince Bernhard's 80th birthday at the Soestdijk Palace. This to great enjoyment of the prince who, for many years already, has been a fan of Mexican music and who met her on one of his state visits to Mexico.

Nobody could ever imagine the impact on the career of Maria de Lourdes. When the Dutch television (NOS) made a t.v.registration of her concert in "De Rode Hoed" in Amsterdam she conquered the Dutch public in no time.

During 6 years Maria de Lourdes and her Mariachi musicians toured the Netherlands each year, always performing for a full house.
Until that fatal day the 6th of November 1997. A few moments before flying back from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Mexico Maria de Lourdes collapsed and died on the spot. Two weeks later her statue was unveiled in Mexico City. She had really looked forward to that day but sadly did not get the opportunity to be there.

For Maria de Lourdes the Mexican music and the preservation of it was her mission in life, always showing an unstoppable dedication for something that is very necessary, because the influences of the modern world are threatening Mexico's cultural roots.
Maria de Lourdes received, with good reason, the title "AMBASSADOR OF THE MEXICAN SONG".