Maria de Lourdes , the voice of Mexico
This foundation has set the following objectives:




Propagate and promote her ambitions and her cause, particularly in the field of the preservation of the traditional Mexican music.


The organization of an annual memorial meeting in November and the organization of events where we try to offer Mexican talent the opportunity to present itself in the Netherlands.

       The foundation tries to achieve these objectives by contributions of sponsors and donors and possibly income from various events organized by the foundation.

       The foundation, in cooparation with interested people in the Netherlands and Mexico, intends to exert itself for this purpose, so the inimitable voice of Maria de Lourdes, her warm personality and her cause she always stood behind: the traditional Mexican music, always remain a living memory.

       Both in the Netherlands and Mexico the foundation approached people who,  with a written declaration of support, offered their agreement and support, like: H.R.H.Prince Bernhard; the foundation Maria de Lourdes A.C. in Mexico - with her son Lázaro as chairman -; Rafael Pérez López, brother of Maria de Lourdes, on behalf of her family; Mister Santiago Ońate, the Mexican Ambassador in the Netherlands; Caroline Voorbergen (Carolina de Holanda ) and Herman van den Wall Bake ( personal consultant in the Netherlands ) .

       Once Maria de Lourdes called her music "the language of love, for which no limits nor prejudice exist" It is our wish that this new foundation will always act in her spirit, so the enormous dedication of Maria de Lourdes has not been in vain, also here in the Netherlands.

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