Januari 2nd, 2004 this new webpresentation by the Maria de Lourdes Foundation, the voice of Mexico, was launched.With this we hope to give better and comprehensive information to the fans of Maria de Lourdes and of the traditional Mexican music .

8 november 2003  in Mexico-City, on the plaza Garibaldi, where you also can find the statue of Maria de Lourdes, the yearly remembrance-concert was held after she died 6 years ago, on November 6th, 1997, so unexpectedly on Schiphol-airport in the Netherlands.

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Now, 6 years later, after the memorial concert the Dutch Ambassador in Mexico Mr. Jan Jaap van de Velde unveiled the painting of Maria de Lourdes as the "Paloma Mensajera" (messenger pigeon) in the famous pub Tenampa on the Plaza Garibaldi.

On initiative of the Foundation Maria de Lourdes the Voice of Mexico, Caroline Voorbergen (Carolina de Holanda) and the Dutch Club de Admiradores de Maria de Lourdes this painting could be realized. Caroline looked for and found a painter in Mexico, Macario Flores, who painted this splendid and appropriate portrait of Maria de Lourdes, including the lyrics of the song with the same title Maria de Lourdes used to sing and written by Juan Arturo Ortega. Hereafter, thanks to the efforts of Caroline, this memorial concert and the festive unveiling of the painting in Tenampa could be effectuated. Click Azteca for more information.

August 2003  the Maria de Lourdes Foundation, the voice of Mexico, organised again a few concerts in Maastricht with Carolina de Holanda and her Mexican musicians. Click here for more. 

August 2002, A photo-impression of the concert that Carolina de Holanda gave in the "Bassin" at Maastrichtyou find here .