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News 2012


November 8 :

Tonight November 8, 2012, Mexicans time, a homage is organized
by former students of Maria de Lourdes at the video channel Voces de México.
(Voices of México)

Don´t miss out!!

November 6 :

remember Today November 6 it is 15 years ago that Maria de Lourdes,
highly unexpected,
past away on Schiphol after a tour through the Netherlands.
Today we remember her, Maria rest in peace.


10 years anniversary "Maria de Lourdes, the voice of Mexico" - Foundation!


Despite the fact that the foundation is going through hard economic times,
we do not want this aniversary going by without a trace.
We managed to plan a concert at the

Mexican restaurant "El Castillo" in Valkenburg

in a way to celebrate this event together with you as loving fans of the Mexican music !

On sunday afternoon May 6, from 15.30 - 17.30 hrs


For reservations click here !



10 years anniversary "Maria de Lourdes, the voice of Mexico" - Foundation!


On March, 5th, 2002 a few enthousiastic Maria de Lourdes and Mexican music fans decided to establish the foundation "Maria de Lourdes, the voice of Mexico" to promote, in the footmarks of Maria de Lourdes, Mexican music in the Netherlands.
The board members were Mr. Hans Eversteijn as acting chairman, Mrs. Toos Zeguers as administrator and Mrs. Jeannette van Dijk as treasurer, since 2010 replaced by Mrs. Ine Derks. Read more >>


The board of the foundation


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