Carolina de Holanda


Foto: Henry Drost   (Harlinger Courant)

       In 1996 the Dutch Caroline Voorbergen left for Mexico as a qualified journalist and a scholarship in the pocket hoping, after a couple of university courses, to make a career as a correspondent for a Dutch newspaper. Since 1992 when she came into contact with the music of MARIA DE LOURDES, "the ambassadress of the Mexican Song", she became exceptionally interested in the culture of this country.

       Caroline became a member and later the secretary of the fanclub of this Mexican singer, very popular in Holland, and during her concerts she could be found on the first row.

       In Mexico MARIA DE LOURDES invited Caroline to live with her at her home in Mexico City and so she moved from the Guadalajara University to the UNAM in Mexico City. She accompanied the Mexican celebrity to her performances, studio recordings, interviews, parties etc. So she traveled throughout Mexico and sometimes she herself was on stage, encouraged by MARIA DE LOURDES.

       On the 6th of November 1997, after a successfull trip through the Netherlands, in the presence of Lázaro and Caroline, MARIA DE LOURDES collapsed at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and died on the spot. Mexico, the Netherlands, family, friends, fans and above all Lázaro and Caroline were deeply shocked. After getting over the first blow, Caroline decided to stay in Mexico and slowly realized that she seriously wanted to dedicate herself to the preservation of the Mexican music and try to continue the necessary task of MARIA DE LOURDES. 

       Caroline took singing lessons and from that moment on she worked hard to master the authentic Mexican folkmusic with all the variety of rhythms. Soon signs of interest came from abroad, Argentina and her native country the Netherlands.

In the mean time she has recorded 5 CD's, amoungst others:

 “Carolina, mi canción y yo" (no picture)


"Carolina de Holanda, sentimientos de Mexico”


”Carolina de Holanda, 3 tenores Mexicanos”


"Cuando Mexico Canta"



"Con Amor eterno"


"Así se siente Mexico"