Kerkrade, "Borderline"
15th and 19th of July, 2005


       The 15th and 19th of July Carolina did a starring-performance for the - Tex-Mex-Formation Borderline - at the World Music Concours.
On July 15th it was ment as a surprise for the not enough praised accordion-player Martin Krousen, who did help us out in the past when some musicians dropped out due to illness.

July 15, 2005

       The night of July 29th the terrasses on the Kerkrade market were crowded, enjoying the Borderline-concert, as an upcoming storm spoiled the game. The fire-departement ordered to free up the outdoor stage, where Carolina and Borderline were to perform, too big a risk for stroke of lightning.
As the storm broke loose everybody seeked safety at the booths and terrasses. Only at 11 o´clock the fire-departement released the stage and the concert with Carolina finally took place anyway.

July 15, 2005

       Though it was still raining the die-hards, who wouldn´t miss the concert for the world, remained. They came from their hideouts and joined fullhearted the mexican songs.

   All in all a very succesfull evening !!   


© Toos Zeguers 2005





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