t Bassin ( The inner-harbour)
May 15th, 2005


       May 15th, With Sunday, there was another concert in -t Bassin- with Carolina de Holanda, this time at the tapas-bar Casa Bassin. The 4th year in a row and the concerts of the Foundation were becoming tradition in t Bassin.
Again we succeeded to interest some sponsors for the Mexican music and the accompanying mariachi Los Tarascos, conducted by Pedro Pozos, increased to 7 musicians, for the first time with a trumpet-player.
Casa bassin did not have the necessary municipal permit to play on the pontoons on the water, like other years. Not even permission for the quay. The whole concert had to take place inside the Casa Bassin, with all doors closed ! Otherwise the residents from the neighbourhood could complain and bring in a big fine to the Casa.

May 15, 2005

       Carolina and her mariachi-musicians showed up with beautiful Mexican outfits in the crammed Casa Bassin.
Outside the doors many more persons interested showed up, due to our intens advertisement, to leave disappointed for there was no more room for them inside.

Bassin 2005 was a very succesful concert, which only a small public was able to enjoy !




Toos Zeguers 2005





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