Dias Latinas Festival
August 21st, 2005


       As a result of her succesful performance at the Dias Latinos Festival of last year, Carolina was present this year also on Sunday, the 21st of August, but this time on the main-stage at the "Lieve Vrouwekerkhof".
Again she was accompanied by the eight-headed Mariachi Los Tarascos conducted by Pedro Pozos.

August 21, 2005

       In her colourfull dress from Chiapas, originating from the south of Mexico and her voice gaining timbre and volume each concert, she built up enthousiasme quickly. The of latin origin present completed the latin-american atmosphere with their outgoing reactions. Dancing and singing along with the Mexican songs worked catching onto the Dutch audience and together with Carolina they were having a party. The repeating "otra, otra" at the end, resulted in more than one encore.
The vituoso violinplayer Pedro Pozos did his outmost with "La Rondinela" to the liking of the audience.

August 21, 2005

       The concert by Carolina de Holanda was interchanged with performances of Mexican dancegroups: Danzas de México, The Ballet Folclorico Ricoiri and Viva México, who in original, colourful costumes from Mexico, gave their best of the typical dances from various parts of the country.
To full content of the Foundation the CD-sales of Carolina and Maria de Lourdes went outstanding that afternoon in Amersfoort.

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